Balancing Factors is a term conceived by Conrad and Carrie House (Dine’- Navajo/Oneida Iroquois) to continue legacy and future honor of multi-dualistic spirit people. Those born nádleeh, or two-spirit, are blessed by the holy people with a responsibility to keep the cosmos in balance. Without multi-dualistic people in this world there will be an imbalance in society, in politics, in spirituality, and the economy. Queer people are necessary to balance the world.


Conrad House was a prolific Native (Dine’- Navajo/Oneida Iroquois) multi-media artist who lived his life in balance. Conrad played with clay, ceramics, glass, ink, caran dache, feathers, shells, beads, oak, coins, test tubes, acrylic, denim canvas, sand paper, photographs, water color, leather, and more. His works are in the collections at Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, Portland Art Museum, Heard Museum and various places around the nation and the world. Conrad is featured in books such as All Roads are Good, To Honor and Comfort, and Beyond Tradition.

Conrad’s younger sibling is Carrie House, a graduate student in Film at Vermont College of Fine Arts and resident of the Navajo Nation. Carrie’s vision is to re-explore Conrad’s legacy of art, activism, cultural preservation, environmentalism, love, life, song, travel, dance, innovation, science and more. This will take the form of an experimental docu-drama that will weave together various forms of digital media. Carrie has a BFA in Animation and Visual Effects from Santa Fe University of Art and Design and is a Robert Redford/Milagro Scholar.

Your contribution will support hiring a producer, mixed reality specialists, and an editor to help tell Conrad and Carrie’s story.

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